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3-month one-to-one or group programme

for leaders and senior managers who interact with culturally and linguistically diverse stakeholders and want to make more of an impact through stronger English communication skills, cultural intelligence and greater confidence.


2 one-to-one sessions

for leaders and senior managers who worry about making mistakes or not being professional enough in English.

Get an assessment of your English communication strengths and weaknesses and tips to boost your confidence and performance.



Language Knowledge

  • Effective use of communication tools Leverage different communication strategies while staying true to yourself. Learn to play to your strengths and recognise your unhelpful habits and try out new approaches to increase your impact. Learn to influence and persuade, turn conflict into connection, and build stronger work relationships.

  • Vocabulary and phrasing Correct your mistakes and be more precise and professional. Expand your vocabulary beyond basic terms to express nuances, add depth to your communication. This  will avoid misunderstandings and you will feel and inspire more confidence.

  • Grammar and syntax Speak and write clearly and accurately so that people understand you easily. Develop flexibility and creative expression to enhance your message and professional credibility.

  • Pronunciation Master clear diction and the power of intonation to add clarity and emotional impact to your message.


Cultural Awareness and Skills

  • Diverse perspectives Uncover your cultural blindspots and learn about the different cultures and communication patterns of the people you interact with to avoid misunderstandings and build bridges.

  • Nonverbal communication Understand how to interpret and use body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues.

  • Communication style Be aware of your style and adjust your approach to different cultural contexts and communication norms to connect more easily.



Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-awareness  Gain insights into your mind (thoughts and beliefs) , body (sensations) and emotions, and the impact these have on you and other people. Learn ways to become more at ease, aligned, and confident.

  • Empathy Develop the ability to understand and respond to others without judgment to build relationships, even when you don't click.

  • Active listening Pay attention to verbal and nonverbal cues to grasp the meaning behind what's being said.

  • Emotional regulation Manage your emotions to avoid reacting impulsively and hindering clear and productive communication.

  • Mindfulness Focus on the present moment so that you can think more clearly and creatively and see different perspectives, options and outcomes.

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