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I've been blown away and humbled by the positive transformations in my clients.

My motivation comes from seeing people succeed, develop and flourish well beyond their expectations. It's thrilling to see the ripple effect this also has on the community they engage with.

Training business professionals for the last 35 years, across industries and sectors, my focus has been on business communication skills, languages and culture.

Bilingual and growing up in an Anglo-Italian family I have always been immersed and fascinated by different languages and communication styles, and the power they have to connect or disconnect us, transforming our lives for better and for worse.

One conversation can make all the difference.

I have lived and worked in Italy, Japan and Thailand, am now based in Oxford UK and working in Italy again. I still enjoy being with people from different cultures and backgrounds every day and travel as much as I can keeping a close watch on my carbon footprint. Committed to reducing it, I am finding new ways to keep this international connection alive.

I've recently joined the Climate Coaching Alliance to deepen my knowledge, guide me in my personal life, and support people who wish to embrace sustainability in their life choices.

In 2014 I became a certified ILM coach (Institute of Leadership and Management) and have been practising ever since. As a member of the International Coaching Federation, I abide by their code of ethics. ​​


Recently I've been studying the science of wellbeing, creativity, dance and systemic constellations.

I love travelling, the outdoors, spiritual practices, and anything to do with self-development and the arts. I started running a few years ago (with the help of a brilliant coach), and enjoyed the thrill of wild swimming last year.


As your coach, it would be a privilege for me to accompany you on part of your life's expansion, whatever you might be looking for. I know you can do it!

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