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Your people are your guest experience!

  1. Is employee experience at the heart of your hotel eco-system?

  2. Is collaboration and team cohesion strong throughout the system?

  3. Do your employees report high levels of engagement?

Communication is the key to all of these questions.

Hotel operations take up a lot of time and energy, and these questions can get forgotten.

I suppport general managers and teams who want to solve these issues, and build a culture where people flourish.

Programmes are tailored – here are two examples

Build leadership skills through communication intelligence

  • lead with ease in English

  • strengthen international relationships

  • build trust and empower

  • turn conflict into connection

  • optimise listening skills

  • develop cultural intelligence

  • tell compelling stories

  • make an impact, engage and motivate

  • expand your potential

Elevate your employee experience bringing out the best in your people

  • emotional intelligence

  • mental and physical fitness

  • inclusivity and belonging

  • communication skills

  • collaboration and teamwork

  • engagement

  • creativity

  • growth mindset

  • guest and client satisfaction

How does coaching work?

To make sustainable change happen, I take clients through a structured process we co-create, starting with the steps they are ready to make and accompanying them on the journey to achieving their transformation goals. It takes time to learn and integrate new skills and behaviours – partnering with a coach over a three to twelve month period is recommended to embed the changes.

The transformation could start at team level, for example with a front office team that lacks cohesion, synergy, and positive energy.

Or, it could be a top down whole system change that begins with the general manager's  new vision, mission, and purpose.

The changes then flow from the top down, middle out or bottom up.

I fit the training around the learners' availability and use a flexible hybrid system to minimise disruption to shifts.


Why communication coaching?

Hotel employees often come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, which can make communication more challenging. Communicating clearly, to connect and empower colleagues makes all the difference to relationships. One small misunderstanding, or holding back information out of lack of confidence, can have serious consequences. On the positive side, the empathy to listen with our full attention, or deliver suggestions with kindness can build trust, loyalty and motivation.

My partenship with hotels is borne out of the synergy that emerges in the sector, the exciting results they have reported, and my love of hotels and hospitality.

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