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People in international management roles who want to grow their skills and wellbeing, those of their people, and the people they serve.

If you wish to expand your contribution, and are driven to make a positive impact in your organisation, this could be for you.

I partner with clients to challenge, support and nurture growth in the areas of Communication and Leadership

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Language and cultural barriers

Compelling storytelling

Courageous conversations

The politics of communication

Listening and feedback

Virtual and face-to-face

Meetings, negotiations, presentations

Emails and reports

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Impact and influence

Presence and gravitas

Line management

Strategy and innovation

Dealing with impostor syndrome

Building resilience and wellbeing

Delegating and time-management

Motivating and inspiring

Developing your team



I've been blown away by the positive transformations in my clients.

My motivation comes from seeing them succeed, develop and flourish well beyond their initial expectations. It's also thrilling to see the ripple effect this has on the people around them.

Training business professionals for the last 35 years, across industries and sectors, my focus has been on business communication skills, languages and culture.

Bilingual and growing up in an Anglo-Italian family I have always been fascinated by different languages and communication and the power they have to transform our lives, for better and for worse.

I have lived and worked in Italy, Japan and Thailand, am now based in Oxford UK and working in Italy again.

I still enjoy connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds every day and travel as much as I can.

In 2014 I became a certified ILM coach (Institute of Leadership and Management) and have been practising ever since. As a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, I abide by their code of ethics. EMCC Code of Ethics​​


More recently I've been studying the science of wellbeing, and creativity.

I love travelling, the outdoors, and anything to do with wellbeing and the arts. I started running two years ago (with the help of a brilliant coach), and enjoyed the thrill of wild swimming last year. It's never too late!

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“With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world”

Tha Dalai Lama

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The coaching work is founded on the 3 pillars of




Sketch out your vision, needs, gaps and visualise the best possible outcomes

See opportunities and barriers

Development exercises



Define goals, success measures and a step-by-step action plan

Take steps to reach your goals

Development exercises


Develop awareness, uncover new opportunities and barriers

Nurture autonomy and confidence

Development exercises




To make and embed significant and sustainable changes and develop new skills.




To make and embed significant and sustainable changes.

For groups of up to 6.

Includes individual and group sessions.




For non-native speakers of English who need to perform better in English.

Focus on building your communication, cultural and language efficacy.

One-to-one and group programmes available.



For management teams who want to upgrade their guest experience by developing their employee experience.

One-to-one,  team coaching, and workshops.

French and Italian spoken.

Contact me to discuss your needs and I'll email you a proposal.

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I am based in Oxford UK and deliver the sessions 3 ways. You can combine these to suit you.



Very focussed

Meet at your workplace, home or somewhere else comfortable, convenient and private.

I frequently work in Italy and France and would be happy to travel to clients in other parts of Europe.



Extra benefits

Harness the restorative powers of nature with walking coaching sessions at your own pace. 
Walk in woods, beautiful gardens and along rivers in Oxfordshire.




Choose between audio or video calls – or a combination. Recommended to develop virtual presence and communication skills. Saves time and travel.

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Clients are very happy to provide kind words about my coaching, but some prefer to remain anonymous. This is understandable given the confidential nature of coaching.

Carolyn has helped me to gain confidence in my ability, develop management skills and learn techniques for maintaining efficiency and wellbeing. The coaching was very tailored to finding and working on the improvements that would be most beneficial for my professional development. Some of what we worked on such as confidence has been helpful to me outside of work too.

Jessica Radford
Senior Consultant
Market Access Consultancy UK

As managers we are continually requested to support, change, innovate and mentor! The best way to do this is to get to know ourselves. Carolyn has supported me along a new path increasing self-awareness and unleashing hidden potential. Every minute dedicated to my coaching has been worth it not only for my personal development but most of all for the organization.

Francesca Marcigliano
Chief Planning Officer
Hotel Excelsior, Venice Italy

Carolyn is spot on. From our very first session, she quickly and precisely spotted and targeted the areas I needed to improve, helping me to better connect with people and get my message across. She has provided me with useful, simple tools I have been applying in my job ever since.

Jose Arlandis
Senior Manufacturing Operations Manager
Sanofi-Genzyme UK

I was so shy and stressed, I never spoke English. I became more open, started speaking more fluently and learned to manage my stress. I learned professional vocabulary and phrases and now I can write better emails and manage calls. You pushed me to become the best version of myself and I want to continue.


Business relationships have improved in French too.

The group sessions were very practical and supportive, and the one-to-one coaching encouraged me to keep practicing.

Golf Autour du Monde Team
Voyages Gallia

Carolyn has helped me to develop the confidence I needed to handle clients in a highly demanding industry. You'll be thrilled with her skills in smoothly and accurately guiding you to achieve your goals.

Senior Medical Writer


I feel more confident as a leader.  The sessions and exercises were helpful as was the discussion on leadership styles and the idea of quiet confidence helped very much.
I have found a way to be more effective in a way that feels natural. 

Chief Privacy Officer
NGO Canada

I had just started working in a new company in the UK, and Carolyn's coaching was really helpful. I wasn't confident about my English and it was a very stressful time for me.

I am much more relaxed and confident at work now and my performance has improved.

My family life is better too, more interesting.
I trusted Carolyn, it was easy to be very open and make progress fast.

Olegas Beleckis
Business Development Consultant
Manufacturing UK

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